A Slave Narrative Author Predecessors Essays

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In Beloved, Morrison, unlike her slave narrative author predecessors (i.e. Frederick Douglass or Harriet Beecher Stowe) focuses her novel on the idea of reconciling with the past. This is to say, that she does not focus so much on traditional slave narrative ideas like the abolition of slavery itself, instead she focuses on the amelioration of wounds that have certainly risen from the horrors of slavery. A neo-slave narrative is a contemporary fictional work set in the time of slavery that is concerned with shedding light on the effects of enslavement. This is exactly what Beloved attempts to explore. Sethe struggled with the consequences of being a black female in an unfavourable time, and struggled to learn that in denying who she is would only serve to allow the pain and suffering of slavery to continue. Additionally, Sethe, having been based on the real case of Margaret Garner (who went through Sethe’s story in real life), Morrison gives life to the real life sentiments of Garner by showing Sethe’s internal struggle with the murder of her daughter Beloved. Furthermore. Additionally, Beloved explains her sentiments in a complex way, but they seem to reflect the events of the middle way passage. Another theme explored in Beloved is music. More specifically, how the passage took away a lot of African-American music and rituals, and how in the novel it serves as a sort of remembrance of past. Besides that, Beloved comes to terms with the fact that her mother murdered her,…

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