A Simple Idea, A Big Change Essay

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A Simple Idea, a Big Change

Gandhism refers to a simple body of ideas and principles combined to demonstrate the vision and life work of Mahatma Gandhi. These morals are explicitly correlated to Gandhi’s augmentation to the idea of exhibiting truth through non-violent resistance. I wish to aid in the embodiment of these customs in our everyday lives, hence, taking a positive advancement towards a more peaceful and close-knit community.
Principles are essential as they allow you to attain a comprehensive feeling of guidance. They are capable of bestowing essence and aspiration upon your life. It enables you to divert your behaviour towards beneficial activities. When you live your life rendering principles that revolve around the means of honesty and nonviolence, you are then able to configure positive bonds with others. Assimilating the principle of honesty allows you to attain a clear conscience as you can respect yourself, as well as the decisions you make. You will be noted as a kind and sincere individual in the minds of all the people you come in contact with. Your integrity will allow you to take a positive advancement in both your personal and professional life. Nonviolence can act as a basis for a way of life: it is persistent with a belief in the underlying unity of humankind and it is the only method of action, interpersonal or social, that does not block the path to ‘self-realisation’. Nonviolence, as an ethical principle, advocates the view that…

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