A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner Essay

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William Faulkner has written many critically acclaimed text throughout his lifetime.
These text range from poetry, short stories, novels, and screenplays. The short story “A
Rose for Emily” is one of his most famous works. Set in a southern town at the turn of the century, Faulkner describes the life of Miss Emily. Miss Emily is the lone survivor of a well to do family in the city of Jefferson. The short story describes how Miss Emily deals with the struggles of her changing life. William Faulkner draws off of his own experiences growing up in the south to write this short story. The theme throughout “A
Rose for Emily” is the changes that occur in Miss Emily Grierson’s life. These changes include deaths of her father and Homer Barron as well as the city of Jefferson changing from a more traditional southern town to a more modern industrial town.
William Faulkner was a Mississippi native. He spent most of his life in Oxford,
Mississippi (Millgate).Faulkner drew much of his influence from the region in which he lived (Millgate). In his adolescence, Faulkner concentrated primarily on poetry. He did not write his first novel until 1925 (Millgate). William Faulkner went on to win the Nobel
Prize in Literature in 1949 (William Faulkner-Biographical). He also won a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and earned acclaim with multiple books on the list of 100 best English- language novels of the 20th century (William Faulkner-Biographical). William Faulkner’s upbringing in Mississippi at the…

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