A Research Study On Call Wits Essay

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The film call Wits was released in 2006 and it portray the experience of a 17th century
English poetry professor name Vivian Bearing who was diagnose with stage IV ovarian cancer. Dr. Kelekian was her clinician and researcher who proposed for her to receive an experimental eight course treatment of chemotherapy that was the only inform option provided to her. As the next few months are spent in the hospital, Vivian addresses the experiences that she encounters as patient whose dehumanized and view as a subject rather than a human being.
Conflict of Dual of loyalty
The most controversial and Ethical dilemma that she experienced was the Conflict of Dual of loyalty to patient. In this story her oncologist Dr. Kelekian and associates fail to provide her with the most basic ethical principles of respect, informed consent and confidentiality which are the basis of physician-patient relationship. (Mahajan, Aruldhas, Sharma, Badyal, & Singh, 2016, p. 158) They had fail to recognized their responsibility to serve the patient first and foremost above all research studies. The clinical practice of medicine and research had always intertwined but at what expenses to the patient does the ethical issues get violated. Too often Researcher forget to look beyond what’s in front of them. A patient is not just a study subject, but instead there lies a vulnerable human soul that is in need of physical, psychological, and spiritual support needed as they face the disease process. In this…

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