Essay on A Research Experiment On Mental Illnesses

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A research experiment was created to collect responses regarding the issue of mental illnesses prevention. The purpose of this experiment is to generate a survey in which people decide on the issue of mental illnesses and whether it can be prevented or not. I hypothesized that a greater percentage of participants would say that prevention is possible. Using a Google Forms survey to graph the data, the resulting responses confirmed my hypothesis and nearly 70% of participants believe that mental illnesses can be averted. The research and results led me to the conclusion that effective prevention of mental disorders requires awareness of an individual’s mental state and environment

The topic of mental illnesses and the dispute over whether they can truly be prevented or not is a puzzling one. According to the University of Washington School of Social Work (Facts about Mental Illnesses, para. 1), a combination of genetic and environmental factors greatly influences the development of mental illnesses. Similarly, research conducted by Mrazek and Haggerty reaffirm the substantial impact an individual’s environment has in the maturation of mental illnesses by reciting John F. Kennedy’s 1963 message to Congress regarding the critical issue (Mrazek and Haggerty, 1994, p. 3). Ultimately, both findings stress the importance of a supportive environment and a stable mental state in minimizing the chances of developing mental illness symptoms. Although, genetics and biological factors…

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