A Request For Peace By Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Prayer

1912 Words 8 Pages
“Shame be to the man who has evil on his mind”
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight prayer style, the poet ending it with an “AMEN” and following it with a reminder that “Shame be to the man who has evil in his mind”. This ending ties back throughout the rest of the poem to the idea that for Gawain to overcome his sin, he must stop hiding it and acknowledge it, something he struggles with until the conclusion.
At the ending of the poem a request for peace is presented, yet it follows after bringing to mind the image of a thorn-crowned Christ. This is typically seen in the images of Christ crucified, when he died for our sins. And so this request is made in the aftermath of Christ dyeing for our sins, the request is to have peace granted by the one who died so that human sins could be forgiven. Promptly, last two lines effectively closes the poem prayer style. Therein the poet presents the overarching idea that throughout this poem, Gawain struggles to find perfection without truly being able to acknowledge that human nature means to sin. His shield originally depicts his struggle with the idea of knightly perfection, and forgiveness for sins as seen in the contrast between the five pointed star on the front of his shield and the Virgin Mary on the inside. First he was deemed flawless in his five senses; and secondly his five fingers were never at fault and thirdly his faith was founded in the five wounds Christ received on the cross, as the creed recalls. And fourthly,…

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