Essay on A Report On The World Of Silk On A Spider Web

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The first source depicts a horrendous spider wrapping a child in silk on a spider web, showcasing the typical method used by a spider to capture prey for consumption. In addition, to the right a list regarding the negatives of child labour are listed. Figuratively, the source’s author attempts to communicate how outsourcing affects children, in the nineteenth century and contemporary society. Readers decipher the author’s message that economic globalization causes an increase in child labour. The source states the process by which profit-driven corporations utilize child labour in order to increase profit and luxury through their greedy methods. Such leaves young workers in poverty, with their low wages and the ignorance and indifference shot at them, even though their nations are aware of the terrible working conditions they endure. As these struggling countries have a strong desire to succeed in the global economy, restrictions against child labour are limited. The effects are horrific; children are paid extremely low wages for long hours in unsafe working conditions. Young workers are at the mercy of the corporations. This is shown through the spider, also known as American corporations, wrapping the child in string to eat. Because the spider is wrapping the child, it is clearly demonstrated that the spider has greater power than the child, thus telling the reader that American corporations may treat child workers as they wish. Furthermore, a spider’s silk is hard for its…

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