A Report On The Press Tent Essay examples

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On Sunday morning, I woke up and took my International Federation of Journalists credentials to the Press Tent, which was located at the top of the Oceti Sakowin Camp. Sergio and I got there early, around 8:30AM, and there was already a line 50 deep. After receiving a press briefing, we were told that independent journalists needed a letter from an editor or publisher to get an official press pass, so I shot Michael Albert an email and waited.

Because the reception was so terrible, I stood in line anyway and figured they would give me a press pass if I told them my story and what I was hoping to achieve with my reporting. After standing in line in the brutal cold for five and a half hours, I finally entered the Press Tent, only to be told that without a proper letter, they wouldn 't provide official credentials.

Needless to say, I was quite deflated at that point, as I came to Standing Rock with two primary goals: to stand with my fellow veterans and provide a human shield for the water protectors (and that idea was already shot down the night before by the tribal elders), so my second plan was to use my credentials and status as a grassroots activist and writer to interview people who would otherwise be unwilling to speak to the mainstream press.

Eventually, I received my press pass at the exact moment the Army Corps of Engineers ' decision that pipeline construction was halted came through the loud speakers. People erupted in cheers. Natives were singing traditional…

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