A Report On Shark Finning Essay

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Finally this is the last call to action which involves shark finning. Brian Walsh is a writer from Time magazine and he did an article on Sharks and how they are becoming extinct as the years go on. “International Union for the conversation of Nature estimates that as many as a third of all shark species are threatened or near threatened with extinction.” Sharks have been around for millions and millions of years, they’re magnificent creatures that many people like to marvel at. If sharks were not around things would change drastically. Education on shark finning has a website and they plainly put it as shark finning threatens the stability of the marine ecosystems, and it decreases the shark population drastically, in ten years sharks could be gone (Education Shark Finning Facts). A website that supports sharks and helping sharks that are extinct they wrote an article about why the enviornment need sharks. Basically the whole article says that sharks keep everything in the ocean in balance. They also help coral reefs and certain populations by keeping them down (Sea Shephard). The reason why many sharks are going extinct is shark finning. David Shiffman defines shark finning as “removing the finds from a shark while still on a fishing vessel, then dump the rest of the shark overboard and have it fend for itself (Shiffman).” Each fisherman kills 73 million sharks per year, they kill the animal by shark finning (Brian Walsh, 2011). “Finned sharks are often thrown back into…

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