A Report On Infection Control Essay

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Infection control aims to prevent pathogens from coming into contact with a person before it can cause serious health related risk and spread of diseases by applying basic principles in order to stop the chain of infection and maintain an infectious free work environment (NHMRC 2010). This report will explore an example of a situation in a hospital setting with an infectious patient and how radiographers go about taking measures to implement infection control procedures for the safety of themselves and other involved. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) describes a number of strains of bacteria, staphylococcus aureus, that are resistant to a number of antibiotics, which include methicillin (NHMRC 2010). It lives on the surface of people’s skin and inside the nose. These bacteria can spread easily between people through contact and can enter through any cut/wound on the body (NHMRC 2010). People who have undergone surgery and have weakened immune system can develop serious problems (NHMRC 2010).

A 93 year old woman brought down from the medical ward had come in for a left hip x-ray post THR (Total Hip Replacement) and on the request form it had been stated in bold – MRSA. The personal service assistance (porter) brought the patient in a bed to an x-ray room wearing an apron and gloves and 3 radiographers were involved in the examination. One radiographer at the console, 1 ‘clean’ radiographer operated the tube and 1 ‘dirty’ radiographer…

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