A Reflection On Social Inequality Essay

1028 Words Mar 8th, 2016 null Page
In our society the term social inequality is a broad term used to describe the difficulties certain groups and genders of people face each day. The assignment we were given was to analyze the level of income of a certain type of family. My group was tasked with creating a budget for a family of four, two parents and two boys (8 and 12 years old). The level of income we were given was that both parents were both working full-time and for minimum wage. Our budget was to include such aspects of the family’s lifestyle as, childcare, monthly amount spent on food and even the personal grooming. This document will be discussing the initial budget that was created for this family. Followed by description of the revised budget and then a reflection on both budgets and social inequality in Montreal.

As shown in the original document posted below the family’s income was $3,612.65. The initial step in which the money would be spent was towards an affordable place of living. The family moved into a 4-½ apartment in Laval spending around $753 on the apartment itself. From the intial budget the family was spending $165 on electricity. This was already a large portion of the monthly income being spent on the housing, which later led to some sacrifices for the entire family. Another priority to this family was the amount spent of food each month. The family spent around $556 after tax on food each month; this amount spent would still not be enough to sustain a family this large spending…

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