A Quilt Of A Country Essay

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We, as an individual have an important role in society. Each individual is like a piece of a puzzle, no piece is bigger or smaller. However each piece is necessary to complete the puzzle; or society. In the works, “A Quilt of a Country”, “Once Upon A time”, and “The Gettysburg Address”, Anna Quindlen, Nadine Gordimer, and Abraham Lincoln respectively convey the individual’s role in society through the use of rhetoric techniques. The authors use different types of rhetoric techniques, to convey their ideas, whether it’s through an analogy, or an ironic ending. However, the authors come to an agreement on what the individual’s role is. Quindlen, Gordimer and Lincoln believe that a society is stronger when the individuals unify and blend themselves into their society. “A Quilt of a country” promotes the idea that an individual’s role is to interweave him/herself into their society and work together as a strong, pluralistic whole. “What is the point of a nation in which Arab cabbies chauffeur Jewish passengers through the streets of New York and in which Jewish cabbies chauffeur Arab passengers too, yet speak in theory of hatred, one for the other”(4). This detail shows us how as an individual we shouldn’t isolate ourselves from others just because they appear different, or have contradicting beliefs. We should all come together as individuals and interweave ourselves to create a stronger, diverse society. “What is the point of a nation in which one part seems to always be…

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