A Positive Impact On The Environment Essay

867 Words Feb 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
After gaining consciousness of my environmental footprint results, I tried to continue my daily routines as usual, and, at the end of the day, reflect on the reasons behind my actions. This evaluation may be able to help me change some activities that now I see wrongfully conceptualized and start to do a positive impact on the environment. Asking myself if there is a reason behind my behavior; I came to the conclusion that my actions depend a lot on the way I have been raised, the level of environmental awareness I have obtain along my life, and the importance that I give to those actions.
During the course of my life I have been taught in some way of another (via news, TV, school environment, the internet, family and the community) to be aware of the consequences that my actions have on the environment. And so, those connections have had a huge impact on my decisions. For example, my main means of transportation are local busses. Actually, every day I walk/bike towards McAllen Central Station to take the local bus that would take me to the university. However, on the weekends my family relies more on driving the car because we go out to visit family relatives, to the groceries store, or just to have some leisure time away from home. Another example is that most of the time my family eats home-made food. As a consequence, I rarely buy food at the university, instead I make my own lunch and bring it to school. These decisions are totally based on my family lifestyle. Coming…

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