Essay about A Note On Nonassociative Learning

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Sensitization, which is a largely significant subdivision of nonassociative learning, was extensively used by both voters and candidates. Nonassociative learning is the recognition, understanding, and ultimate reaction to a stimulus that occurred in an organism’s environment. Sensitization occurs when such a stimulus leads the organism’s behavior to alter or intensify in response to this stimulus. Hillary Clinton, for example, became sensitized to the discussion of Trump’s sexual misconduct that was recently brought to the attention of the media. Although she was, at the initiation of the debate, very calm and relaxed, Clinton became more upset, and she increasingly had the desire to respond as this topic was covered by the moderators and Trump. When she received her chance to speak, she kept looking down, indicating shame and disgust at Trump’s past conduct, and spoke in a very condemning tone of his overwhelming willingness to belittle women, as well as those who are members of minority races. Her actions strongly reflect sensitization due to the fact that prior to the discussion of Trump’s actions, which act as the stimulus in this instance, Clinton was calm. As the discussion progressed, she became increasingly restless to voice her opinion, and sequentially to respond to this stimulus. She wanted to focus on Trump’s faults while demonstrating her own disgust because she wanted voters to perceive her as a more morally-sound candidate in comparison to her opponent…

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