Essay on A Nation Divided, But Unified

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A Nation Divided, but Unified When in the face of opposition, it is natural for people to band together, especially when said opposition is another whole group of people. In the case of African Americans, uniting to overcome barriers has become a repeated action throughout history. From the times of slavery, the Civil Rights Movement and the present day, black citizens have been forced to experience similar social torments. This uniform suffering has led to the development of a collective concern for a nationwide community. When their race is targeted for nothing more than merely skin color, African Americans share the resentment, and more importantly, the will to expunge the malice that faces them. With a rise in police profiling that has resulted in numerous African American victims, a stand is being taken against racial inferiority, as seen by the series of protests throughout the nation. (“Ferguson Unrest,” 2015, para. 1). Like the many African Americans who fought for justice before them, today’s activists understand that racial issues can only be vanquished through an unified effort. Although a large portion of society still ignores the struggles of blacks, it is their collaboration that will determine the outcome of ongoing racial tensions and hopefully unite the nation.
With racial issues mounting in the nation, 13 artists assembled to become the co-authors of The Game’s (2012-2014) song, “Don’t Shoot.” Although rapper collaborations are usually the results of…

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