A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift Essay

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The classical satire “A modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift has had major controversy since its creation in 1729. The piece is set to make people see the economic and political happenings of Ireland during that time period. While this is the surface, it also deals with many more issues such as religion, class and racial boundaries. It does this by putting out the idea of not only cannibalism, but also dehumanization and selective reproduction, essentially Eugenics. The modest proposal, in simple terms is the use of children as a commodity to help not only the poor, but the rest of the community. The commodification is the use of every part of the child, leaving nothing to waste. Now we can see how in doing this we could come to question the moral character of the man behind the story, but being a satire one has to comprehend that it is usually through extremely exaggerated scenarios that they call acknowledgment to a problem. There are many people in both Swift’s time and our modern time that either completely missed the point or knowingly decided to ignore it. Then there are those whom completely understand the satirical standpoint being taken against a very serious issue.
In Swift’s time even the government took “A Modest Proposal” as a serious stance on the economic and political issues. They had many attempts of trying to silence him they even offered a reward to anyone who would turn in the true satirist behind the story. Jonathan Swift had published it under a…

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