A Modern American History Course Essay

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In a Modern American History course, it is a given that one would learn about the history of the United States from an American perspective. In 1936 America we were towards the end of the depression, attempting to avoid war, and becoming familiar with Adolf Hitler. However, in 1936 Germany, Edith G. McClure was born. Recently I had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with Edith, a woman who spent the 1930s and 40s as a young child in Germany.
Born Edith Kröger, my interviewee was raised in a small country village in western Germany near Cologne. When Edith’s mother became pregnant with her, she was unmarried, so she hid her stomach in a tight corset to avoid discovery. However, after three months it became impossible to disguise the pregnancy, and her mother was banned from the village. After Edith was born, in another village, her mother was allowed to return. Upon this return, Edith’s mother was forced to marry. Although the times were tough in many places economically, Edith’s family did not suffer from starvation. Living in the countryside, they bartered for food from the livestock and farms rather than buying supplies with money. From the ages of 4-9, Edith’s family lived in a house on the Ith mountain, about 350 kilometers away from her birthplace. She considers herself privileged. Some days, she would walk to school and see airplanes flying low overhead. Although the planes would often shoot at her as she walked down the road, simply a child going to school…

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