A Mockery Of The Odyssey Essay

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A Mockery of the Odyssey
Humor me, Muse, of the fool lost at sea The meddling goddess who might have too much time on her hands The lone mother who definitely has too much time on her hands The numerous suitors who louse in her palace And the son who lacks the back bone to stop them Oh Muse, entertain me with this retelling of one of Homer’s finest epic In this satire of a most wondrous tale of patience, despair, and luck
Ancient Greece
Mount Olympus
Zeus and Athena are sitting in the royal palace. Bored.
“Oh dear father Zeus, most annoyi ... mightiest of all the gods. Hear my word”, says Athena.
“What is it this time Athena? And no you cannot borrow my lightning bolts again, if that’s what you’re asking. Not after last time.”
“Oh, yes father, I know. I’m still electrified.” Athena proclaims, “Poke!” Athena gives Zeus a shock.
“What the…!” Zeus screams as Athena rolls on the floor. “Why do you always do that?”
As Athena recovers herself…

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