Essay on A Midsummer Night 's Dream Character Sketch

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A midsummer night’s dream-character sketch
Even though a character might be minor and not very developed, it does not mean that he cannot have a deep personality and complicated and intricate connections in his piece of literature. In the romantic, comedic play, “A Midsummer night’s dream”, by William Shakespeare, Egeus is one of the minor characters that has a fascinating personality, many important relationships and a huge impact on the outcome of the play. His almost stereotypical but not quite controlling fatherly character develops Hermia’s personality but most importantly, it develops his relationship with the four lovers and his friendship with Theseus, drives his part of the play into the other two storylines and ultimately changes the outcome of the play.
At the first glance of a character, one might think that he is just a stereotype. However, if one digs deeper, he will find that the character is so much more complex. In the comedy, Egeus is a character that, although is not very developed, has a very interesting personality which can be described as controlling, self-serving and conservative. His controlling and domineering side can be seen through the way he treats his daughter, Hermia. When his daughter shows a bit of defiance, he threatens to bring the full force of the law on her, even trying to sentence her to “death, according to the law”(41) to get her to obey him. Although the reason why he is so controlling is not specified in the book, it can be…

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