A Midsummer Night Dream Analysis

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Comparing to Shakespeare 's many other works, A Midsummer Night 's Dream is a much shorter and simpler story. Many things are decided and affected by the "Cupid love juice". Midsummer has a simple main love story line that is full of humor and happiness. It has many characters but Shakespeare doesn 't spend that much effort to make them complicated, each of them has pure thinking that 's simple and easy to understood and predict. In my own opinion, one of the ideas the written discuss is "what is love?". The paper will focus on the passage where Lysander first see Helena after his eye was dropped by the Cupid love juice because there 's where the conflict and irony start to appear. For example, Lysander says to Helena, " Not Hermia, but Helena I love: Who will not change a raven for a dove?" This …show more content…
And the world in his written exists the fairy, which is something unreal. Thus, Shakespeare want to create a disorder and confusion world that is different from the one we know in his written. In other words, Shakespeare wants to imply a question that the "dream" that actually happened and the so-called "realist" happy ending world in his text, which one is indeed the real Midsummer night 's dream? Also, the reason why this play is call "Dream" is because the story is so disorder, confusion, fantasy and imagery. Therefore, we cannot conclude love is something fake, but love is undistinguishable and unrealistic, like a dream. They are fake and real. Furthermore, The funny and mess one that the fairy queen falls in love with a donkey head (tragedy), or the one that Egeus first almost causes the dead of his daughter then later regret so that everyone has a happy ending (comedy). So love is dream and real; tragedy and

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