Essay on A Long Day Of Work For The Hard Working African American

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It was a long day of work for the hard working African American. It was not the average day for a citizen living in the United States. Tavien was a young middle aged gentleman who was forced into slavery. This African American was suffering from the hot sun. Hot and brutal, the sun made the African American sweat. Sweat poured down Tavien 's face. As the sweat ran down his overheated body, the sweat began to trickle into his large infected cuts. Tavien had no choice but to keep working. He could not take the chance of quitting and getting beat for the third time in a weeks’ time. Not only was sweat stinging his cuts, chunks of dirt and dry shriveled up cotton plants were flying into his deep cuts. Once again, quitting was not an option for Tavien. Tavien was living on a large cotton plantation accompanied by other African Americans and a rich lazy, plantation owner. Many viewed the plantation owner as a farmer, but Tavien often thought that was an unnecessary name for the farmer. Sadly, Tavien and his peers did the farming for him. If Tavien made a small mistake, he was not forgiven easily. A small mishap led to a large crack of the whip on one of his body parts. This is what led to deep infected wounds on Tavien’s body. Tavien and his peers could only hope for a new life. African American slaves could only dream of a new life with peace, happiness, and most of all, freedom. Freedom is a right privileged that African American slaves including Tavien were not given. Tavien…

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