A Letter to My Dearest Friend John Smith Essay

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U.S. History
08 October 2012
A Letter to My Dearest Friend John Smith
September 15, 1616 Dear John,
Since I have met you I, Matoaka (Pocahontas), have matured into a great woman. Most people know me as "the most dear and well-beloved," but other people (Powhaton Tribe Members) still think of me as "the devil child or playful-one." In my opinion I am just a strong, resilient, self sacrificing, and overly caring lady of the Tidewater Region.
Therefore embracing my new lifestyle as a Christian wife and mother is easy. When I was growing up in Werowocomoco which is about twelve miles outside Jamestown, Virginia I learned what I thought were necessary skills to being a good wife and mother but not how to be a colonial
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Our love is always growing stronger and stronger each day and now that we have a baby our hearts are just over flowing with emotions.
Our son Thomas Rolfe was born on January 30, 1615 in Jamestown, Virginia. We named him after Sir Thomas Dale; he was the kind gentleman from the Henrico settlement where Rolfe and I first laid eyes on each other. Baby Thomas will hopefully take after me in the next couple of years. I want him to feel free to explore and enjoy life before his coming of age where he starts his arduous journey of becoming a colonial man and finding a suitable wife. Just writing about him growing up is exciting but let me tell you a little about my future plans instead of my plans for baby Thomas. Being such a young woman beginning my twenties with a husband and child makes me feel confident about my future endeavors. Hopefully in the Spring around March my family and I will set sail from London, England back to Jamestown, Virginia. Maybe we will get a chance to meet up with you for lunch or go back to the old forest where I first met you.
Do you remember when we met? I was about 12, you were shot in the arm, and you thought a rambunctious 10 year old was going to get you in trouble with Indians not knowing that I was going to stand up for you when my Powhaton warriors captured you. I never knew I would make friends with a white stranger until I began visiting you at the fort

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