A Lesson Before Dying By Earnest Gains Essay

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A Lesson Before dying is a book by Earnest Gains that was first published in 1993, it is set in post second world war Louisiana; this book follows the narrator Grant Wiggins as he tries to convince a man on death roll of not dying as a hog, but as a man. There are many factors that play into this book 's success (for example: its written style) but the main reason is how well its setting ties into the central theme of facing racial injustice. The author 's use of events that can only be possible in the south during the late 1940s allows his readers to feel and understand more about the struggle of Negros of coping with injustice and overcoming it. These events are: Jefferson 's trial where the court sentences him to death and his actual execution. On a broader spectrum Gains also gives us a picture of their everyday life for example their schooling to show why this theme is important. First of all to understand why the theme ties in so nicely with the setting on must understand what the south was like. This book takes some time between the late 1940 's and early 1950 's -- as previously stated -- which is a time remembered by most people as a time when those who were oppressed finally starting to wake up, but it was also a dangerous time. It was a time just before the civil rights movement where black people were not given the rights that they so rightfully deserve, where the Klu Klux Klan 's reign of terror in the south still ran at large. Though Gains does not mention…

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