Essay about A Interview About The Aca ( Obamacare ) Plan

1447 Words Feb 28th, 2016 null Page
I wanted to ask my friend a few intelligent questions I did of course take some time and picking these questions as I wanted to benefit him in this project as well and also learn something from another person’s perspective regarding the ACA and how this may be affecting normal people. I of course added all formalities and thanked this person for the time spent and helping me with this. Here are my interview questions I presented to ask my friend… First, I wanted to ask you when turning 26 did you have a hard time anticipating on what you may do for health care coverage? Second, given your situation and heart condition does the government provide any health coverage other than the ACA (Obamacare) Plan? Third, what do you know about the ACA? Is it a better option to other plans? Will it cover all your special needs? Fourthly, when granted your insurance were you told about the option of the ACA, was it “Pushed” for you to use being that you are government funded? Finally, do you think the ACA is beneficial in any way what so ever? Is a valuable option in your opinion to other people, those who may not exactly be in the same circumstance as you are? Before speaking with my friend I thought it would be interesting to google search all of the questions I came up with, I came up with the best questions I could with just using the material I learnt from reading my text book and my class discussion. Here are links to the first sites given to me when I entered my…

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