Essay about A High School

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One of the things that almost everyone can bank on in his or her life is having someone tell them what to do. Regardless of whom you are, someone will have more power over you at some point in your existence. It is almost as likely that at one time or another they will misuse that power. To sum it up briefly, as long as people have been around, one has found a way to gain the upper hand over the other. It doesn 't end there though; as long as this has been the case, the people being pushed around have been figuring out different ways to push back. A prime example of this is high school. Especially if you live in a small town, or even better spend a lot of time in a high school, you will see displays of defiance in a plethora of forms. There are kids who blatantly disrespect their teachers by shouting obscenities and even physically attacking the teacher or authority figure. There are kids who suck up to the teachers and administrators for four years, then absolutely roast the people whom they obeyed for their high school career in their valedictorian speech. There are kids who go out of their way to break every rule ever made and there are others who just decide that the fight isn 't worth it and they follow the rules without question. The punishments for disobeying authority vary with the offense, context, location, etc. of the event. There is vice principal named Mr. Suppes who will yell at students for even the slightest infraction. With differing amounts of power, abuse…

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