Essay A Hero With A Thousand Faces By Joseph Campbell

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In today’s world, men and women work the same type of jobs, can wear the same type of clothing or accessories, men can be stay-at-home dads while the women work, etc. However, it was a different world in the 1940s, and author Joseph Campbell published the book A Hero with A Thousand Faces in 1949. During this book, he analyzes a hero’s journey and the different stages a hero goes through. One stage is the “Atonement With the Father”. Throughout this stage Campbell gives examples of traditional gender roles in myths and stories. Gendered themes in Campbell’s writing can be applied to modern stories, and, although many modern stories have reversed gender roles, modern stories still possess some traits the traditional gender roles Joseph Campbell describes in “Atonement With the Father” and the rest of The Hero With A Thousand Faces.
To understand the role reversals in modern stories, one must first understand how Campbell describes a hero’s journey and atonement. Throughout The Hero With A Thousand Faces, Campbell usually describes the hero as a male. Campbell does give some examples where the hero is female, but these examples are scarce. Also, “Atonement With the Father” is the stage in the hero’s journey in which the hero has to reconcile with the authority figure or ultimate power in their life. This authority is described as the “father figure”. They are typically male and are in line with traditional male gender roles. After the reconciliation, the father will…

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