A Haunted Palace By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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Beautiful memories, full of joy and laughter, can be tainted by evils and dark creatures. In Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “A Haunted Palace” tells the story of a delightful palace that is seen described so beautifully by passer-bys, but sadly this does not last as the palace is now being seen as being taken over by these ugly creatures. In the poem “A Haunted Palace” by Edgar Allan Poe, emotions from delight to terror and the dimness of a once beautiful memory are expressed throughout the writing through the usage of alliteration, symbolism, mood and imagery.
In the first stanza of Poe’s poem, “A Haunted Palace”, the description of the palace is very lovely and beautiful. This is exhibited through the use of imagery. “In the greenest of our valleys… Once a fair and stately palace-/Radiant palace…” (I.1-4). The speaker is describing the scene of the palace of how grand it is in just its presence. Hyperbole, exaggeration, is also used to emphasize the beauty of the palace. “Never seraph spread a pinion/ Over fabric half so fair” (I.7-8) It states hear the beauty of the palace is so magnificent that not even the angels could cover it with or even compete with it. Through the usage of imagery and hyperbole, the attractiveness of the palace is set into play throughout the poem to show the importance of its beauty at the beginning.
Imagery is also very heavily used in the second stanza. Sense of smell plays a part in the description of the palace. “And every gentle air that dallied, /…

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