A Good Candidate For The American History Essay

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A good candidate for arguably the most fundamental idea in American history, is freedom. Americans ' love of freedom has been represented by conflicts, exploration, alliance. Americans have been notorious for acting on this belief. The term itself has practically been coined a synonym for being American. Of course, other societies also honor freedom. However, in many other countries, the idea does not occupy as much of a prominent place in public and private discourse as it does in America. The term freedom itself could be considered ambiguous. Due to this gray area of uncertainty, the definition has been at the mercy of persistent conflict in American History. The constant change of the idea of freedom, has been a main perpetrator in the diminishing of and in the securing of hierarchy. When the first settlers arrived in America, there was a common misconception about the indians. The indians were believed to be savages who lacked a religious affiliation. The settlers were clear about their feelings towards the indians in various journal entries. A journal entry written by David Pietersz de Vries, includes the following statement describing when he needed to persuade his crew to throw supplies off the boat to help them stay afloat. “I then went to them, and asked them whether they would rather trust to the mercy of these barbarians, or throw away the ballast. They answered that while we were in the river, our lives were at the mercy of the ice. I replied that God who had…

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