Essay on A Giant Step By Walter Dean Myers

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In 1964, a giant step was taken by the people of America. Segregation was abolished and the hope for racial equality, in all senses, was high. Unfortunately, this giant step toward equality was not enough to actually get there. Many people of color face injustice to this day and biases based on the color of a person’s skin often determine where they end up in life. Walter Dean Myers writes about a 16-year old boy named Steve Harmon who is on trial for murder. Throughout the story, the reader pieces together evidence that clearly points to Steve’s innocence while the jury thinks him guilty based on his race. In Walter Dean Myers’ “Monster”, the author reveals that racism takes away a person’s power and humanity as shown through vivid illustrations depicting prison-like scenarios, the author’s choice of words to describe Steve, and the novel’s transition from Steve’s diary to a movie script.
The author inserts many pictures at different points in the book. A similarity that seems to arise from all of them is that they are all black and white, depicting black men (usually Steve Harmon) in prison. These pictures all connote the feeling of looking at someone for what they are wearing and where they are instead of who they are. Another way Myers illustrates the idea of racial inequality is when he describes the actions of people looking at Steve and then shows pictures of what they are seeing. For example, when Steve is sitting in court and a group of students sits in he says:…

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