A Free Market Economy And The Tenets Of Liberalism Essay

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Oriented around a free market economy and the tenets of liberalism, democracy encourages diversity within a political body, mutual respect and tolerance among citizens, and self-interest for the common good. However, by no means is democracy synonymous with freedom, for the latter cannot be defined so clearly. A man’s definition of freedom following the Civil War (1865-1915), for instance, was as personal to him as his name and in some cases, his life. Whether abstract or concrete, social or political, the notion of freedom emerged from the Civil War as a motto of hope and change. But to the chagrin of many—whites and blacks, Americans and immigrants—it would remain a figment of their imaginations, a fictitious promise perpetuated by a democratic system that represented “the people” in name only.
Due to divided stances surrounding slavery, conflict erupted between Northern and Southern states in 1861. While issues concerning states’ rights and succession undoubtedly contributed to the dissonance, the explicit cause of the Civil War was the South’s inability to envision a nation absent their beloved institution of chattel slavery. Yet two years into battle, in 1863, Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation forced the Confederacy to confront this unwelcome reality. As change murmured across the (not so) United States, the institution that the Confederacy fought on behalf of, that which was vital to Southern social and economic life, began to collapse; formal abolition was…

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