A Fair Society Can Be Developed By Effective Contract And Agreement

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Ju Lin
Philosophy 10200

A fair society can be developed by effective contract and agreement. Sometimes, a citizen needs to sacrifice a part of his or her interest to protect the social benefit. Only when all citizens are able to accept and follow the social ethics and contract, can they understand the social constraints and keep their personal willpowers. Therefore, the unity between social discipline and freedom can be realized, as well as the solidarity between personal demands and national benefits.
King first showed his unique thinking. No matter for a person or a nation, social contract is the fundamental basis for a healthy development. Base on a justice environment, an unsuccessful life can make an integration between mind and morality. It can trigger people obey and implement social rules, which can promote their mental health in the whole society. King believed in Mill that freedom will not fade away and people deserve it. In a successful environment, people are easily to be controlled by their willingness and desire, so, devils would control their behaviors and actions totally. In other words, it may ruin the morality. In order to snap out of the decayed social system, a lot of famous scholars like King are doing everything they could to establish a new political and social system. And the "social contract" is the main point for their innovative thoughts.
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