A Dream Within A Dreams By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most notorious poets of all time. He has written some of the most eerie and dark pieces of literature, and his infamous style of writing still haunts readers today, long after his death. When we discuss Edgar Allan Poe, there are a few poems that come to mind such as, “The Raven,” “A Tell Tale Heart,” and “Annabel Lee.” Another famous author, with a much different agenda is John Updike. Although Updike’s age was decades after Poe had long gone, one can easily find similarities in these two renowned authors’ works. Two specific poems that can be used to analyze the differences of these two authors are, “A Dream Within a Dream,” by Edgar Allan Poe and, “Perfection Wasted,” by John Updike. By examining the theme and conflict of these two poems we can illuminate some of the major differences and similarities between these authors.
The poem, “A Dream Within a Dream,” questions the authenticity of life, as well as discusses the flaws in the whole thing. It begins as a man parts ways with his significant other, and he grasps sand on the beach, clinging to it as if he was wanting to protect the sand from the ultimate fate of being lost and invisible to the rest of the world. Another piece of literature we can use to analyze, “A Dream Within a Dream,” is, “Perfection Wasted,” which resembles a eulogy given at a funeral.
One clue we can use to get a better idea of these authors’ points of view is the setting of their story. John Updike’s story unfolded…

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