A Dominant Empire Essay examples

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In 1620, the Puritans The Puritans first arrived in New England to establish a settlement. By 1800, New England was a part of America, a former colony across the Atlantic that recently acquired freedom from England with their victory in the American Revolution, which officially separated America from England, for the colonists could refer to themselves as Americans, and no longer British colonists in America, whom were of a different identity with contrasting ideas, beliefs, and lifestyle, living in a colony of a dominant empire, whereas living in the “headquarters” of a dominant empire. In the 17th and 18th centuries, further interaction with Indians led to changes in salutary neglect and monitored mercantilism and the introduction of Enlightenment ideas strengthened the divide with the British, while Puritanism remained the same, but left a profound American characteristic known worldwide.
A year after arriving in Plymouth, their meeting with the Wampanoag Indians made them better aware of the surround land, its resources, and its properties. As the settlers thrived, population and immigration increased, and more land was needed to accommodate more people. The Indians expanded as the Puritans expanded, for they did not believe land was property, but something shared. When the Wampanoag Indians revealed that the Puritans might be attacked by another neighboring tribe, the Puritans acted before they were acted upon. The subsequent Pequot War resulted in a Puritan takeover of…

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