A Different World Of The Cosby Show Essay

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A Different World
“A Different World” was a spin-off sitcom of the “The Cosby Show,” which aired for six seasons between 1987-1993. It focused on primarily African American college students at the fictitious historical black college (HBCU), Hillman College, in Virginia. Before the Civil War, there was no form of higher education provided to African Americans, and higher education was prohibited in certain parts of the country. In 1892, the second Morrill Act was passed requiring states to create separate land grant colleges for African Americans if they were being denied access from the existing colleges. Many of the HBCUs were founded by states to meet the Second Morrill Act. HBCUs were defined as a “Historically black colleges and universities are established prior to 1964, whose principal mission, was, and is, the education of black Americans.” “A Different World” introduced HBCUs to a wider audience including a greater number of black people and lent an authentic, legitimate, and relevant depiction of life at a HBCU. It also reflected college life and growing up in a general sense. The show addressed stressing about finals, dating, interracial dating, HIV/AIDS, racism, dorm life, paying tuition, and a lot more. The show also showcased a wide range of black people that represented many different aspects of the black experience. “‘A Different World’ is one of a few shows that stand out for depicting blacks within their own community.” said Andrea Adelson from the Chicago…

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