A Day At Camp - Original Writing Essay

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Marianne had struggled throughout her childhood to fit in and be “popular” . She had tried to fit in by making friends, going to camps, and doing normal activities of a teenager. Fitting in never came easy to Marianne because she had always self-conscious and insecure. One day at camp changed her life forever when she was sitting in her bunk. She believed that if she had lost weight she would fit in and be “popular”. This night started her fight against anorexia and bulimia that soon would take over her life. It was a choice she thought was right and would solve all her problems, but it did the exact opposite.
When she was a child she grew up in a very hostile environment about food. She grew up knowing it was okay to only have one big meal a day. Her father would constantly take note on how much food was eaten and scarcely eat. Marianne’s mom followed and did what her father had wanted, to keep the family together. Her brother was a well-rounded boy who was seen as the “perfect” child. She felt like she was always trying to meet his high expectations for her to feel loved by her parents. In the quote:
When I was young, I absorbed their patterns of thinking, feeling and acting- their inability to face, feel, express and share deep emotions; my father’s use of control,
Perfectionism, and exercise to deal with his feelings; my mother’s unfulfilled desire to create an independent life based on her talents. I observed and internalized the way my parents and brother handled…

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