A Cross Sectional Study On Mental Illness Essay

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Cross-culturally, mental illness is known and researched, with an overall curiosity of what effects it. For centuries, various ideas of causation have been speculated upon which, has brought about numerous people willing to pose their philosophies to the psychological and scientific communities. A cross-sectional study titled, Lay Beliefs Regarding Causes of Mental Illness in Nigeria: Pattern and Correlates, was performed with south-western residents of Nigeria, with published results in 2007. The backdrop of this study was to pinpoint a cluster of people who might benefit from more education on mental illness. Furthermore, the hypotheses of this study was to not only investigate if inhabitants of the Yoruba regions held to more pre-scientific philosophies in terms of what brings about mental illness, but also to see if rural inhabitants who were uneducated believed more in supernatural forces as a cause for mental illness. (Adewuya & Makanjuola, 2007). In the introduction, the researcher’s distinguished between westernized societies in general and regions in Africa to provide a contrasting viewpoint with Nigeria’s culture. They proposed, on the basis of other studies, that non-specified western cultures view causes of mental illness being more influenced by biology and the environment. Previous research data referred to by Adewuya and Makanjuola, relayed there were also variances in causal beliefs amongst Nigerian’s based upon the region they lived in. It showed…

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