A Code Of Laws Help Govern The Empire Essay

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One of the other developments that a common language allowed was the development of a code of laws to help govern the empire. Laws helped to reaffirm power structures in the empire as well as protection of human rights, an idea that has lasted to present times. The ruler often used laws to express his will throughout the empire and these laws were distributed by the officials of the ruler were higher ranking than the citizens. Goodspeed discusses this structure in the Babylonians, “The constitution of a state ruled by a king with such prerogatives and position is naturally summed up in the ruler. The citizen, while he expects protection and justice, is a subject; the officials are the king’s dependents; his will is law; and the strength of the state depends upon the personality of its head”. The system of laws helps to further establish the ruler’s officials, as the hierarchy is reaffirmed in the way that knowledge of the laws is disseminated to the public. The ability to provide laws that citizens abide by is necessary when governing an empire due to the complexity and need for support. It also establishes power over the surrounding areas as they rely on the capital to provide structure. Goodspeed again writes on Babylon, “As provinces looked to Babylon for law and government, so they found in [Babylon] the supreme embodiment of the empire”. Many surrounding provinces and areas relied on the city for support and making the areas in the empire follow the same laws as…

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