Essay about A Closer Look At The Dialect Quiz

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A Closer Look at the Dialect Quiz Dialects differ in different parts of the country. There are even minor differences in dialects in different parts of the same state. Dialects differ depending on cultures. Depending on where you 're from and where you 've lived in the United States, you probably say things a little differently than people from other parts of the country. Josh Katz created a dialect quiz called “How Y’all, Youse, and You Guys Talk” which became popular at one of the nation’s prestigious news page.
Josh Katz dialect quiz was based on data from the Harvard Dialect Survey conducted by Bert Vaux and Scott Golder. Josh Katz narrowed 122 questions from the Harvard Dialect Survey into 25 questions to make the results more easily examined. With a total of 25 questions in this dialect quiz, the quiz can map out how different words are used more commonly in different regions. With only 25 questions it is said to predict a person’s dialect region. Looking closer at the phonology, syntax, and lexicon of each question given in the quiz, we can see the type of questions that Josh Katz picked. Looking at the phonology part in the dialect quiz, we can see that it is used quite often. The dictionary definition of phonology is, “the science of speech sounds, including especially the history and theory of sound changes in a language or in two or more related languages” (Phonology, n.d). Many of the dialect questions have questions asking if the word is composed of the…

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