A Brief Note On Trade And Its Effect On The Economy Essay example

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Houman Yekzaman
Trade has an important role in all countries economy. Import and export can help governments to boost their countries economy or fix their budget with trade. Many people believe that only export is beneficial and can create job and import is harmful. For this reason, many businessmen or authorities try to bring back many companies from overseas to America again and they believe this way can help the America’s economy and create a lot of jobs as a result increase the unemployment rate. Today, it is an important and hot debate in political environment and some parties are agree or disagree with this decision. Important point is that import can create job and help to increase the unemployment rate, if economists study this topic carefully. The reality is that the increase import can support American jobs. Import can create job at many different fields such as transportation, wholesale, retail, construction, and finance.
The United States is the world’s second biggest import. The United States governments believe the open trade system. Since World War II, government have tried that engagement in world trade and offers American producers reach to foreign markets and they can give American consumers a more choices of products to buy. American governments believe competition from foreign producers can help to keep prices down and domestic producer can try to make better products with better prices. Competitive market is one the most important aspect of economic…

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