Essay on A Brief Note On The Soviet Union Agriculture

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Within decades the Soviet slowly started to fall, with Regan we saw the massive military buildup, basically outspend your enemy. Focusing mostly on the allocation of resources and economic managing sections of the fall. Soviet Union agriculture was not entirely horrible, on theory it made sense. A whole collective, farm that unifies smaller plots of land, to one has a whole. This allows the use of a tractor to be used effectively, while in the contrary to the US farmer that used the capital requirements to farm, and was able to secure funds. The issue came when they had to implement their model, it showed that the management were incapable to handle it, due to the lack of experience and knowledge. The simple were unable to predict the form of output, the workers no longer work for labor, but rather simply to live day by day, never outdoing themselves, this led to a rather stagnant and terrible conditions for many. The Soviet depended too much on its own sustainability, which has shown it cannot support itself in the modern era again and again. The Soviet economy grew fast, able to obtain to 2 trillion by the 1970, from the few hundreds of billion dollars from previous year from the 1920. The Soviet did not fail its economy, its simply unable to adapt and manage its resources effectively. Proving against the world that capitalism was not only sustainable but a long run survival too, that communism failed to provide to its citizens.
The political division, of the Iron curtain…

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