A Brief Note On The Preventative Services Task Force Recommends On Doing

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What if the proper age to get mammograms would rise to the age of 50 instead of 40? According to Ph.D. Diana Zuckerman and Ph.D. Anna E. Mazzucco, this is what the “U.S. Preventative Services Task Force recommends” on doing (Zuckerman, Mazzucco 1). This is a big change in women, since now they may feel more comfortable with the idea of getting mammograms done, but at a later age. Mammograms have been used for a while now and they have proven to increase the chances of women’s lives by detecting abnormalities in the breasts of women. People might argue that mammograms are not effective because they can give “false-positive mammograms” according to Dr. Mercola, but they are effective since they increase the chances of women’s lives (Mercola 4). It is essential in a women’s life, to have mammograms so they can detect abnormalities or cancers that can be developed. Which is why I propose that there should be an organization that informs women on the benefits of mammograms and how they can lead to an early detection of breast cancer which can increase the chances of survival for women. In today’s society, women are not getting their mammograms done because they feel they are not necessary or because they are afraid of the results of the mammograms. Since women do not get their mammograms done, they are increasing their chances of getting breast cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, women who get mammograms, reduce about “15% to 20% in mortality from breast cancer”…

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