A Brief Note On The American And French Revolution Essay

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1. Compare the causes of revolution in the US vs. France. The American and French revolution were both extremely important in the changing path of world history. Even with different outcomes and variances in successes, the impact of both cannot be denied. The Causes of the French revolution and the American revolution are similar because they both were partially prompted by an over-reaching monarch, another similarity was that both revolutions were started by the commoners who wanted revolution to improve their lives, however a key difference is that the American revolution was sparked by outrage of political reasons whereas the french were fighting for complete social revolution. Overall the causes for the American and French Revolutions were more similar than different.

2. Compare the experience of the lower social classes in the revolutions in Haiti and the Spanish Americas. The lower classes may not have a say in the way the country is ran, but the impact they have on society is as important as anyones. These Revolutions changes the political faces of the world and the lower classes had never had their opinions heard, their opinions accounted for, and they were ready for a change. The experiences of the lower social class in the Haitian and Latin American revolutions were similar because they both stayed poor, however a change was that in Latin America the lower classes stayed at the bottom whereas in Haiti they rose to the very top and even took office. Another…

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