Essay on A Brief History Of Salem Witch Trails

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In 1962 was the time of the cruelty of the Salem Witch Trails had begun. At this time, people began to have hallucinations, delusions, they begun vomit, and have muscle spasms which was all caused by the fungus ergot. According to Blumberg, the fungus was found in rye, wheat and in other cereal. The people were not aware of the fungus ergot. They believed that the illness was all caused by witchcraft. This only lead to false accusations, of those who were believed to be a witch. These types of accusations harmed many innocent people because of the reliance on authority, their hasty judgement, white and black thinking, labeling, and resisting to change. To begin with, the people at this time relied on what was said by the authority, even to this day what we all follow what is being said and never stop to question what say. In the article “A Brief history of the Salem Witch Trails,” the local doctor had no real explanation to why the three girls, Elizabeth, Abigail Williams, and Ann Putnam were acting the way they were, so he blamed it to be supernatural. No one even bother to question if this could be possible they just believed what was said by the doctor. Not only did the people believe what the doctor had said, but also a young girl named Tituba who had confessed to signing a book declaring her loyalty to the devil (Blumberg). She had described what happen when signing the book and admitted that she was not the only one who had signed, but several more witches. The…

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