A Brief Documentary ' Thump Therapy ' Essays

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1) I thought this documentary was very eye opening and educational. It has really shown how far psychology has come and why studying psychology is so important. This documentary took us from the dark and bleak times when patients were treated as prisoners and given zero hope. The institutions were essentially prison for the mentally ill, where the doors were always locked and cramped. One of the most appalling illustrations of how the patients were treated was showcased when we heard about the nurse smacking the blind man across the back of his head and stating “live among shit, become shit.” I think this statement sums up how these patients were treated and why there needed to be change to the institutions. The so-called “thump therapy” was just an excuse for the abuse and intimidation of the patients. This documentary was also disturbing in the fact that it wasn’t so long ago this was going on and how little we knew about treating the patients. Another instance of how poorly the patients were treating was how the doctors and researchers essentially coerced them into physical interventions where the patient’s had zero say. These doctors were using them as research and conducting trial and error procedures with no consent. And the type of “therapy” done on the patients was very disturbing such as the insulin induced coma and lobotomy. I think there are many ways in which the positive psychology approach would of offered drastic improvements to the conditions of these…

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