A Black Woman By Lorraine Hansberry Essay

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Short stories, poems, and dramas express people 's experiences of happiness, sadness, way of living, sorrow, love, death, religious belief, jealousy, courage, fantasy, social roles, manners and so on and so forth. It is either a direct life experience of the writer or things that happen in the surrounding. But mostly writings reflect writers life experience. You will find the life of the writer in his/her writing either in the form of fiction or real life story. Based on her personal experience, Lorraine Hansberry drama discovers the racial issues , family values , poverty, class differences, identity ,and gender roles. The play is about the different dreams of members of a poor black family living in the south side Chicago, through the process of achieving their dreams we also look at the family roles and values. Even though the play reflects the personal life of the writer as a black woman, it exemplified the true picture of African American history of racial discrimination, gender roles and their missing identity during the 1950 's.

Hansberry, as a black woman grown up in South Side Chicago, she understood well the racial discrimination from her personal experience and incorporate the whole idea in very simple one family." The literal home that Mama Younger purchases in Clybourne Park mirrors her family’s various psycho-social struggles to attain, secure, and define a sense of place, or “home,” in the face of systemic socio-economic racism in Southside Chicago"(…

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