5.2 Summarise the Policies and Procedures Schools May Have Relating to: • Staff • Pupil Welfare • Teaching and Learning • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion • Parental Engagement.

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1. Outline current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures within own UK Home Nation affecting the safeguarding of children and young people.

• Working together to safeguard children (2006-2010) • Children act (2004) • Education act(2002) • Disability discrimination act (1995) • Special education needs (SEN) couch practice (2000) • Data protection information handling and sharing

2. Explain child protection within the wider concept of safeguarding children and young people.

This is when children are suffering from any form of abuse or neglect. It also involves protecting children and young people from maltreatment and preventing impairment of a child’s health and development by ensuring
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Explain how the processes used by own work setting or service comply with legislation that covers data protection, information handling and sharing.

TDA3.1: 3.1. Summarise the main points of legislation and procedures covering confidentiality, data protection and the disclosure of information

Working together to safeguard children (2006-2010)

A Guide to Inter-agency Working to Safeguard and Promote the Welfare of Children. It sets out how organisations, agencies and individuals working with children should work together to safeguard and promote their welfare in accordance with the Children Act 1989 and Children Act 2004.

From September 2009 a named member of the Senior Management Team (Head teacher) will have the responsibility of ensuring that the school does its best to deliver each of the five key issues.
·Must be and stay safe
·Must be healthy
·Must be able to enjoy and achieve
·Must be able to achieve economic well-being
·Must make a positive contribution

Children act (2004)

Largely in response to the Victoria Climbie inquiry. The Act sought to emphasize the importance of inter-agency work and cooperation in from making use of educational facilities of a kind generally provided for children of the same age in schools within the area of the local education authority.

The Act was intended to strengthen the child’s legal position to give him/her equal rights, feelings and wishes and to ensure children were consulted

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