Essay about 1984 Analysis: Important About Government

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Kian Nafeiy
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1984, by George Orwell, is a book with symbols for what Orwell felt were important about government and other aspects of society that he had taken notice of, mostly representing the ideals of totalitarianism. The major parallel in 1984 to government is the rise of totalitarianism in government at the time the novel was written. Having taken note of the rule in countries such as Russia and Spain, Orwell chose to write a vivid and extreme vision of how he felt the government was playing a large role in the personal lives of citizens, with no privacy and stripped of the freedoms people should be entitled to. Orwell’s story also has many different aspects that display the
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Similar to Orwell’s other novel, Animal Farm, language is an integral part of the government’s ability to control its world and people. Through language and the use of words and images, they are able to convince people to live in constant fear of their government. The profound concept that is derived through the language of 1984 is the revitilization of language, and changing the way people think and talk. Through the creation of the new language in the land of Oceania, Newspeak, words and concepts that would create the thought of rebellion and defiance are eliminated and no longer exist in a person’s mind. The ending result of this being that there are no words that would be able to question the government, along with the decisions and ideals it manifests. Through this process and method, the government is able to fully control the actions, words, and thoughts of its people. 1984 is a profound view as to how the world would be like in regard to the government’s role in totalitarianism. In the brooding dark vision that Orwell wrote this novel, the dreary future for people at the time was abysmal and lacking hope. The similarities of the concepts found in the novel are present today in regard to the government’s ability to monitor people in all aspects, through the satellites and technology that is available and present

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