1948 Election Essay

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The Greatest Election Upset in American History

The 1948 election is considered the greatest upset in American history. Why you may ask? The reason is that everyone thought that Republican Thomas E. Dewey would defeat Democratic Harry S. Truman and they would finally receive a Republican in office after a long period of time. The election had six candidates but only four were important which included Harry S. Truman, Thomas E. Dewey, J.Strom Thurmond, and Henry Wallace. The parties that were included were Democrats, Republicans, States’ Rights which were also known as Dixiecrats, and Progressives. All of the other candidates parties really wanted Truman out of office, but he fought hard and ignored them and came to be the 33th President
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His speech was mostly about how Democrats made the economy and lives better and how the Republican party was not. He also mentioned the he constantly asked for new laws to be made to help the low and middle class society lives better, but Congress denied all his attempts. He wanted health programs for those who could not afford it, higher minimum wage, money that goes to schools, and lower housing prices. His campaign speech on October 29,1948 mentioned how he wanted equality amongst citizens with the help of the Civil Rights Committee which he was very fond of. June 24, 1948, Dewey gave his acceptance speech that was about unity and how if people work together they can succeed with a successful nation. He also stated that the United States has survived two WW and between the wars an economic depression and if the U.S. can work together they could solve the world’s problems. Dewey’s campaign speech was about freedom within the U.S. and how many have fought for freedom and have died like Archbishop Stephinac who went to jail for wanting freedom of religion. He believes that if the people fight for freedom it will happen. Henry Wallace’s campaign speech was performed on September 10,1948. His speech was mainly about how peace was the basic issue and that is where the U.S. problems lay and his goal was maintain peace in the nation. Wallace also had a problem with civil …show more content…
He was a main supporter and friend of him. Another book that favored Truman was “Campaign Speeches of American Presidential Candidates.” The author insulted Dewey and the other candidates speeches and gave Truman numerous compliments on his speech. I felt that these authors wanted Truman to win and Dewey to lose. In “Battleground 1948 Truman, Stevenson, Douglas and the Most Surprising Election in Illinois History,” I felt the author did not choose a side in this book that it is based off of facts that happened during this time period. He wrote what he researched and did not have his own opinion written in the

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