12 Years A Slave: Narrative by Solomon Northup Essay

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Born a free man, twelve years of Solomon Northup’s life was spent as a slave. The story unfolds as he shares his fear, frustration, and most likely, heartache, of being separated from his life and his loved ones. On several different occasions, he was made to recount the events, and the story remained the same each time; there are legal documents in the appendix. Although, this publication was not the first story of slave life, it is the first coming from a person who was born free then kidnapped and sold into slavery.

The story is important and primarily told so that there would be an additional piece of writing documenting the life of a slave, first hand. Northup describes in great detail different situations that
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“Twelve Years A Slave” could be described almost as a textbook reference due to the way in which it is composed. At the beginning of each chapter, Northup includes an index of sort, which gives the reader clues to what the chapter will contain. There is also a table of contents and an appendix.

On the other hand, the book is written as though the author is sitting in front of the readers telling the story. Everything is from his point of view which enhances the tales, bringing the story to life for readers or listeners.

Conclusion: this book gives an accurate, detailed description of slave life from the eyes of a slave who has the ability to read, write, and comprehend his exact situation. After being born free and experiencing a life of freedom, Soloman Northup was kidnapped and sold into slavery for twelve years. Prior to his abduction, he was a farmer and raftsman in the New York area and had a wife and three children. Throughout the narrative he remained confident that his situation would eventually change. He held on to the hope of one day regaining his freedom, even when it seemed as if all hope was gone.
As an African American I appreciate the viewpoint that Northup gives the reader. I consider it to have great historical contribution because it is an objective account, based on personal experience of the author. I would recommend anyone who enjoys hearing storied of the "old

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