1. What Is The Reason Behind The Hominids Migrating From Africa?

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Observation Human moves around places and start a new life in a new place, that is called migrating. Migration is an act of people or animal moving temporarily or permanently to a new place. For animals, they are mostly known migrating depending on the temperature or mating. Genus Homo of the hominid is one of the first to migrate outside Africa. With Genus Homo migrating outside Africa, they are the one developing our world and our ancestor that is spread around the world.
What is the reason behind the hominids migrating from their homeland, Africa? Does their migration out from Africa affect the different cultures and plhysical appearances, which most people say it “races”
Research Hypothesis Early Hominids migrated
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Then the reason why Hominids migrate is to survive, avoiding the harsh temperature and drought etc. If Hominids have similarities physical appearance depending on their environment, then the cause of having different physical appearance is the environment where they are living at.
Scheming Method Data acquired are from lecture notes, personal notes, lab report, and from the documentary watched during class called “ The Human Family Tree”
Data Collection and Analysis While watching National Geographic’s ‘The Human Family Tree’, the reason why most hominids migrated from Africa is because of climate change. In Africa itself, the climate change causes increasing temperature, where it causes drought, and lack of water which causes trees, plants, and vegetation to die. While migrating, Homo Sapiens sure have huge benefit because of their locomotion, which is bipedalism, enabling them to look further since they are higher, allowing them to scan in distance for danger. Other than that, they created tools which allow them to survive, such as mousterian. Other than that, Homo Sapiens also has a unique bone that allow them to communicate with one another, called the hyoid bone. Hyoid bone is located in the throat that allow Homo Sapiens to speak. Easily communicating with one another is surely a huge benefit, which is very useful in working together with one
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Homo Sapien then develop language, which is different in each environment. From that moment, language is then become one part of human culture which is distinguishable between one another. Today, modern homo sapiens have thousands of language and culture that are spread around the globe. For instance, in Indonesia itself, they have 500 languages and dialect, and various culture being practiced there. Another human adaptive strategy that plays a huge role is intelligence. With intelligence, Homo Sapiens are able to develop tool, allowing them to survive in the new environment. With the tools, they could hunt for food and start fire. One of weapon that Homo Sapiens uses to hunt animals is atlatl (lecture). With atlatl, they could hunt animals from long distance using rocks or sharp objects.
To conclude, the cause for early hominids to migrate from Africa is because of climate change. The climate change that make them to migrate is such as food scarcity, drought, temperature, etc. The most convincing why early hominids migrate is because of survival, and food scarcity. With early hominids migrating, different languages and cultures are developed from different environments around the globe. If early hominids were not to migrate, the world that we are currently living in will be

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